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new kind of power via this technology savvy is very tempting. what's happening guys on abby martin and this is breaking the set or we got a packed show for you today will be covering the a ball outbreak in west africa the fallacy of missouri's new right to farm amendment and feature an exclusive interview with sitting member of parliament george galloway about the recent developments in iraq so let's get to it and let's break a sweat. the look completely utterly they are legendary hard to take on the on the fly have you ever had sex with the target they're looking to.
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believe. the little sleepy little little the little the least. little. the world health organization has confirmed over nine hundred deaths since march or what's been characterized as the worst ebola outbreak in history just this week the centers for disease control director tom friedman testified before a congressional committee iterating the seriousness of the issue but also reassuring the american people that the c.d.c. has everything under control. we do know how to stop ebola.
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meticulous case finding isolation and contact tracing and management we with our partners have been able to stop every ebola outbreak to date and i'm confident that if we do what works we will stop this one also. unfortunately not everyone shares the same optimism as dr friedman as the virus now spreads beyond liberia guinea in sierra leone at least two ebola have been reported so far in nigeria and sierra leone military troops have been deployed to enforce quarantines in a ban on public gatherings that as these precautions are being taken in west africa world governments don't seem quite as committed to addressing the heightened risk of further contagion it's a point that was made by world health organization director margaret chan who spoke at a press conference earlier today. he is moving faster than we can control it and . that again spec to multiple factors one of
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awareness and it's no secret some of those governments themselves accept that that was. ok and if you don't accept ebola is real is very difficult to mobilize the s.s. of the entire government to bring. under control. now i think it's very important that the information we share about it not to spread fear but rather awareness that a much larger pandemic can be avoided following a house hearing on the ample a crisis breaking aside caught up with can isaacs of samaritan's purse an organization that's been treating in all the cases in west africa for over thirty years isaac believes the containment of the virus will be much harder than many believe and warns that without a concerted international effort the death toll will only continue to grow. the really threatening and scary aspect of it is that it has manifested itself in
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cities of with populations of two to twenty five million people that has never happened before the speed at which the disease is developing so like in the first thirty years there are about twenty two hundred known patients and about fifteen hundred three have died. this year since it started in late march early april there have already been probably about twelve hundred and seven hundred have died on those exact numbers they change every day but we think that those numbers that are coming out of west africa represent a half to twenty five percent of what's really happening i do think you both. shares the planet with us. and a bola has the ability to transport itself with the speed of an airplane it could do it on your body could do it on my body it did it on the body of the man who flew from monrovia to nigeria now nigeria has had deaths and nigeria has multiple people
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isolation because they have confirmed the bowl of mail in nigeria from that one man we put out a call for help. privately and publicly. many weeks ago i wrote an op ed piece in the new york times and i said that the world would leave the care of a bowl of patients to two n.g.o.s samaritan's purse and doctors without borders is an indication of how little they are aware of what's going on here. again i want to make clear that this isn't about spreading panic or fear our goal should be to pressure our governments to act because while the treatment needed to protect against to might exist here in the us it obviously isn't available to people in western africa who need it the most now below is a website where you can donate to efforts fighting this disease on the ground today .
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the notion of rights is firmly ingrained into american consciousness the right to free speech the right to freedom of religion the right to remain silent on the list goes on and rightfully so have for all who wouldn't want enable freedoms that are fundamentally guaranteed to all humans except recently we've seen a complete bastardization of the concept of rights designed to trick ordinary people into voting for legislation that emboldens corporate interests and for tax the wealthy elite look no further than the so-called right to work laws which claim to protect employees from predatory unions that force workers to join up in reality and the national labor relations act federal law already prohibits unions from forcing workers to join meaning that the sole purpose of these laws is to demolish the power of unions by making certain types of collective bargaining contracts illegal so it's certainly no surprise that the think tank drafting right to work language used as a model in states across the country is the american legislative exchange council
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or alec tax exempt nonprofit organization that's behind everything from stand your ground laws to voter id laws and the organization's latest victory once again plays directly into the manipulation of the board of rights this time promoting the right to farm see right to farm laws were passed throughout the eighty's and now exist in every single state essentially protecting farmers from being sued over the smells or sounds that may occur from standard agricultural practices sounds like comments . ans except according to business week all the way back in one thousand nine hundred six alec came up with a model legislation that would expand existing right to farm laws to grant wide ranging legal rights to farms of all sizes as in and nor most industrial size farms such as the ones operated by meat producer cargill or g.m.o. crop producer monsanto and the way that alec wrote the right to farm language makes it nearly impossible to take on these companies over issues such as animal mistreatment and mass pollution fast forward to today where this week missouri
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voters just barely passed a new constitutional amendment assuring that alex version of right to farm is now law and if you want any proof that corporate interests were firmly behind the campaign consider that more than one point five million dollars was spent by outside groups on this ballot measure alone it's really no surprise that it passed either take a listen how one missouri lawmaker described right to farm last year what was being considered as a ballot measure in the state house the sponsor of the proposed amendment claims this proposal is all about providing certainty to farmers the state of missouri agriculture is the number one industry and we need to make sure that people are willing and able to invest in our state with complete certainty that the laws and missouri's not going to over regulate them and and push them out of our out of our state yet can't really argue with losing out on all that business even if it means complete impunity from practices like confined animal feeding operations which the
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e.p.a. defines as a congregation of animals feed manure and urine dead animals and production operations on a small land area or open the newer pits or dumping animal waste into fields and streams alter net also points out that right to farm law is going to affect the ability of state to prevent companies like monsanto from planting untested g.m.o. crops now the silver lining is that because the missouri vote was so close that might require a recount but if the constitutional amendment stands. the only ones gaining new rights here will be big ag. when it comes to c.e.o.'s of major corporations it's rare to see individuals with that level power putting their employees above profit but according to thousands of workers at market basket a new england chain of grocery stores that was exactly the philosophy of c.e.o.
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arthur. however earlier this summer de moss was fired by market baskets board of directors but not for performance reasons so to talk about how this story relates to institutionalize corporate greed i'm joined now by lori garver as host of the resident right here on our to thank you so much for joining me laurie thanks for having me i mean so start by discussing the circumstances that led to the ousting of market basket c. . so these are speed is fired by a board let up back in because they are there. basically because arthur he wasn't being a big enough or he was that or doing his employees like you just don't see anymore managers are making that figure has years they're making forty thousand dollars and they had a great and well matched plan for retirement in two thousand and eight when the market crashed or are there to made it a priority to make sure that the profiteering find what i thought
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a lot of the that no one locked retirement funny if you're a student you get a plan and what is this all over the place you just really ordered employ and for that you fired by the board because they were in there. making a lot more money like big corporations do they want to think they want to have a valuation early read it by billion dollars right now and arthur as he has been on the board really felt like arthur t. with heating and. down making all those great profit out keeping them down man guy who got to rape and pillage more. and i mean i mean how did people respond to the ousting well that's the part so everyone here is in this company right we're hearing all the bad thing all the time in the market basket case completely different everyone is the already employed by the thousands are coming out and protesting in all of the parking lot across new england they're hanging posters
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that they the board are thirty in the store and they're walking out of the job as with market floors have empty shelves all over they're all apocalyptic like no one put in them for a while and unfortunately some of gotten fired it's the wording that but it's really the unprecedented event where all of these all these the points are really supporting their c.e.o. and we just don't see that and more right i think that's really just as so indicative about the entire system of modern corporate structures i mean laurie i mean you know if you try to do the right thing you're pushed out by your own board i mean of course corporate greed also plays in the notion of tax evasion and now the newest tactic being employed by companies is a practice called tax and diversion talk about what this is and how many corporations are engaging in the practice yeah i love how you mention. birth because that's exactly what activision it yeah me and i love that they have the nerve to call it something that phonetically found exactly right. and out exactly
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like that and that's exactly what it is basically it's american companies by companies that are headquartered in in europe or places where they have lower tax rate and their headquarters over to the other places to avoid or protect here in america and if it's widespread you're just trying to do it there a leader has done it or done it really balloon and done it tons of pharmaceutical my favorite one that it is this company called milan. generic drug company based in pennsylvania and it headed by this woman named heather rat and twenty eleven she would actually buy at wired magazine as the treat of that year and she just moved your company over to the netherlands avoid paying for protected that an american yeah exactly nothing more patriotic than a vague tax is what kills me about this lori is that they barely pay any taxes to be getting credit i mean if you look at you know the amount of taxes that we pay
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compared to corporations it's it's absurd it's a laughable but luckily i mean walgreens was trying to do this and there was some backlash against walgreens for trying to move their tax structure to switzerland and they reversed that decision and we have about thirty seconds left but does this say that we still have the power to a new influence is enormous companies or as louis bow with your dollars wal-mart ration target procter and gamble dumping all these brands that no one need now by not the ground people and we will say exactly what they do so much more but as the resident everyone check it out thanks so much and you coming up will have george galloway break down everything from gaza three rock you don't want to miss it. but you like me you want your comedy news and some t. want your comedy news to be a bare fisted no holds barred fight to the dad. like a vampire whining into the necks of the corporate elite billionaire freaks well
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they're going. to that's what you get with my new show projected tonight. washington. is in the media and. are perceived going to run a place that doesn't do much rather have a. biotech agriculture giant piece on a seventy six year old american farmer in the studio fallout do you think this is going to create for the cia do you think this is what's triggering a race to say look it's just a copy of the world it's also the largest debtor nation in the history of the greatness that is mostly of alternatives to the status quo want a good deal of points and working toward the american dream the next they were just trying to survive it's time for americans and lawmakers are forced to wake up and
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start talking about the real causes a problem. on marriage in the financial world. to serious developments have not stopped the advance only taken from the demand to trade is not going to get any economic benefit in life there are. so. since the u.s. and its occupation of iraq the country has only fallen deeper into chaos the horrors continue as isis also referred to as the islamic state of iraq in the levant continues to seize more of the country after taking control of the nation's largest dam of the capacity to flood entire cities isis has closed in on multiple
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towns including cara coach a christian village of fifty thousand people had enough water and electricity and telling residents to either convert to islam or die by the sword and now after the annexation of more territories isis militants have driven tens of thousands of christian and his xeni minorities to a mountain in the northern city of sin jar where they're trapped and dying of dehydration also there are now reports of isis holding the woman hostage obama has responded to the crisis with the military strikes but as bombing iraq for the third time the solution to stopping the rise of islamic extremism to help me break it down earlier i was joined by george galloway respect party member of the u.k. parliament i first asked george if he worries that these military strikes could turn into a fourth blown military intervention for the third time. i would think so but of course there are many mysteries in this story wrapped up in many. of the
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isis which is soil stream it was expelled by al qaida who don't need reminding the united states you are. committed modest loved up in new york on nine eleven and yet they have been allowed to take over almost all of it up certainly more than fifty percent of it including some of the great cities. within shooting distance of the capital itself without these allies who spent a trillion dollars and thousands of the lives of the soldiers of the anglo american invasion force as well as of course a million iraqi lives in order to bring about democracy in iraq and yet they have sat on their hands whilst al qaeda took all of our more than half of the country including a great downs. of our oil fields and other things including banks which they've
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looted and made off with hundreds of millions of dollars so it's a mystery why it's taken so long for president obama to organize these airstrikes a mystery that makes many people in the arab world suspicious about who isis really are who they're really working for but secondly of course as i think i inferred from your question it will not work targeted airstrikes every now and again against a military force that sweeping all before it and has the tacit support at least of the country's sunni muslim minority and the active support of the sunni muslim hinterland in saudi arabia and elsewhere is not going to work and so the logic any luck to believe is that the united states and britain will be drawn back into iraq in a very very serious way and that won't work either so we really are in
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a mess and as half an irishman myself i'm in touch with to say as the apocryphal irishman said when i asked the way to such and such a place well i wouldn't have started from here of the man replied it is a tragedy it's a complete mass george you're right about that and isis didn't form in a vacuum how much of what's currently happening on the ground is a direct result of the u.s. and u.k. foreign policy in iraq and syria. all of it tony blair and george bush entire little sponsible for this mess iraq was one country sectarianism and extremism was mercilessly crushed there were no armed militias roaming the country and there were a million more iraqis than there are today because a million of them died almost a million of them died prior to that in the u.s. u.k.
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sanctions regime now iraq is i told my eyes it's not one country it's not even three countries it's maybe thirty countries every one of them controlled by an armed militia usually with a fundamentalist extremist religious stripe and their mothering each other in very large numbers. and yesterday we just learned that isis forces took control of iraq's largest dan and muscle obviously the possibility that isis will use the stand as a weapon to flood cities is very real is there realistically a military solution at all to stop this from happening. if i was forced to take the keys of this runaway vehicle i would i would do this i would try to involve the neighbors all of whom have an interest in an al qaeda offshoot not taking over one of the world's major oil producers a multi-ethnic multicultural multi-religious state and i would try
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somehow to infuse people especially in the army with the idea that there is any longer something called iraq that's worth fighting for and was losing your life for that means bringing in iran it means also iran working with saudi arabia the saudi regime dictatorship is of course ultimately mortally threatened by this isis formation and it means reaching out to the iraqi sunni muslims who have felt for a long time more than a decade that the country is not run with their interests in mind and that the government of. is an entirely sectarian one not to mention a very rampantly corrupt one saw i'd make political changes i would reach out to
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all the communities i would release political prisoners many of whom have been held for now eleven going on for twelve years for no good reason i would leave legitimize the out of nationalist forces within iraq and i tried to make an alliance with them i'd say do you. really want to be run by a caliphate that was expelled from al-qaeda because it was too extreme because it was too sectarian i don't think in the end if you did that you would have that much difficulty in marginalizing these people but the fundamental flaw in our policy is that when these people cross over into syria as they do crisscrossing between the two countries they become our allies and we're bombing them now in iraq but we're giving them bombs when they're operating in syria and they have torn syria apart and they are a vile crete of sectarian hatred has of course ripped the
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fabric of syrian society possibly beyond repair. right and this context of course is missing from all the mainstream media analysis of the situation no one's talking about how wise this was and bolden and strengthened and this vacuum crossing over into syria of course i'm being called and i isis apologist and hamas apologist because i don't support bombing campaigns for the third time in the country george let's move on to an extremely turbulent area of the world gaza of course had a cease fire between israel and hamas was broken israel's resumed strikes in response to hamas rockets what's your response to those who say hamas is decision to break the cease fire shows they're not willing to negotiate. while the cease fire had finished that stuff seventy two hours it was not a cease fire but a pause a pause in the large scale massacre of palestinians trapped in the gaza
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concentration camp the biggest concentration camp in the world in which almost two million people are trapped behind the barbed wire in an area twenty five miles long and four point five miles wide nowhere to run nowhere to hide and so the context as you mentioned the war is this. israel has stolen the palestinians land wiped their country off the map scott told the people to the four corners of the off the sieges gaza controlling even the calorie intake of every gazan eighty percent of whom are reliant on international food aid eighty percent of whom are unemployed and eighty percent of the children in gaza are malnourished according to the united nations they have occupied the west bank covered it paved it with hundreds of illegal settlements built military roads
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crisscrossing the territory an apartheid wall checkpoints by the hundreds and they have illegally. annexed east jerusalem and are in the process of ethnically cleansing be out of muslim and christian population from jerusalem so if you're not going to have resistance to that you're not going to have resistance to anything the want hamas is just shorthand for the palestinian resistance who actually are members of all kinds of political and military organizations but if you invade some of these countries if you occupy it if you fundamentally alter its character and if after sixty seven years there is no conceivable political or peaceful or diplomatic way out the people will rise up and that's what the palestinians are doing in the second world war the heroes of the jewish ghetto in warsaw the warsaw ghetto the
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people decided that they would not die one by one ten by ten on their knees witching for their captors too much of them but would rise up and if necessary die on their feet and they wrote their name in the stars they are amongst the greatest heroes of the second world war they broke out from their bob while and they confronted the fascists who were killing them one by one ten by ten and that's frankly all that the palestinians are trying to do. to watch the full interview with george galloway please check out our youtube channel at youtube dot com slash breaking the set thanks for watching the show you guys are sure to follow me on twitter also at abby martin have a great weekend. jim . good to see the i'm willing to take.
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